Monday, 31 July 2017

How To Make $600 Per Month With Torrent

Did you ever dream about making so much money? YES? Then you are on the right place where you can make your dreams come true.
By word "dreams" I mean big Money and now i gonna teach you how to do it.
Now the part you want to see.
Let things begin.
First of all I will tell you what method we will use.
Maybe someone heard about it, it's called PPI-Pay Per Install.
What you need before you start:
This PPI site has highest rates and gives you 2$ per USA install, 
so if you make 1000 installs, you get 2000$. 
Program to mount and make iso files. 
It just changes icon of exe file
Good for torrenting
Now the best part and that's making MONEY
1.Register on
They do not check torrents, if someone report it they will check it. 03.20.2017 they deleted my acc, because of report for posting malware.
2.Find some software or game, the best place is Skidrow  and .
3.Download it
4.Go to CInstaller and download your installer (you need to stop your antivirus). 

Simply download it

DO NOT OPEN THE FILE otherwise you will install some malware,adware. Then copy it in game folder. 
After downloading Setupexe.iso mount it and copy setupexe.exe to game/software folder Now we gonna to BIND game/software setup.exe and Cinstaller Setupexe.exe Program we will be using is IExpress, its integrated in windows. Go to start menu and enter IExpress then run it as admin.

After that, change icon of final setup.exe to original with IconChanger, search it on iconarchive or use online png to ico converter. 
Now you have prepared your binded files and you are asking how do you make money with this. It is simple, you binded together file that user wants to get and file (your personal PPI EXE with your code). So once user will download and install one "binded" file he will actually get 2 files after installation and you get paid per this install. 
that user wants to get and file (your personal PPI EXE with your code). So once user will download and install one "binded" file he will actually get 2 files after installation and you get paid per this install. 
The next step is turning package/combined file into a torrent and uploading it back onto torrent sites. 
We have changed icon of final setup.exe, and now we gonna make our final setup.exe partially undetectable by Antivirus. 
Open Daemon Tools ULTRA and go to Tools then Create data image.
It will be easier for you, so just follow images. 
We made iso file. Next step is creating Torrent file. 

It's time to upload it to Register here and confirm you email. Then login and click on upload button. 
Make name and description catchy as possible, more catchy, more $$$. 
Don´t forget to seed torrent or nobody can download files.
If your account gets banned and showing WRONG CODE use VPN to upload or ask admin on SuprBay to unban your IP. Sometimes they delete your account, don´t worry you can make another one with VPN. 
I wrote this method 03.23 2017 and I earned 0.74$ for just 4 installs, depend on country ex. USA 2$,GB 1.5$ etc. 
Minimal payout is 1$. You can spread it on other site as well. 
Proof :
Other proof from some guy, that this site pays:
Site Pays Well And Trusted Site
so i hope you like it, earn some good money and enjoy, Happy earning.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Earn 55$ Per Day With CPA And Youtube

Today i am going to tell you how to earn with Youtube and CPA. with this amazing method you can earn more then 50$ daily .
 in this E-Book I will show you CPA Method through youtube.
For those who don´t know what´s CPA-Cost Per Action, for example you want free gems for Clash Royale, you will go to some page and generate gems, at the end of generation will be prompt "Human Verification" or something else and you need to click it and complete survey. For Email and PIN submits you will get in average 3$, depends on country. USA usually 1,5$,Germany 7$,France 15$ and so on....  

 Download The Book

Saturday, 21 January 2017

How To Earn Money Online With Google | Earn $50 - $100 Per Day With Adsense

How To Earn Money Online With Google Adsense , Easy Viral System


What I am about to share with you is a fool proof system that anyone can use to start making $50 - $100 per day virtually from day one and then grow the site over time to earn much more than that.
In fact, lots of people are earning hundreds of thousands per month with this method and some even millions. The beauty of this system is that you can set it up and then only spend about 45 minutes a day on the site. When you start to make money from the site you can just outsource all of the work and sit back watching your business grow pretty much by itself.

Download A Complete E-book and learn how you can earn 50$-100$ daily with this amazing system.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Earn Money From Dailymotion | Earn Easy Money With Dailymotion

Earn Money From Dailymotion, easy tips for earning from Dailymotion


What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is almost 2nd largest video sharing site in the world. dailymotion started working on  
15 March 2005 (almost 12 years ago). Dailymotion is available in all around the world in almost 18 different languages.

How To Earn Money From Dailymotion?

same like youtube you can Earn money with Dailymotion, after monetize you can earn with dailymotion.
. Setup your free account on dialymotion.
Go to Monetize For enable your Monetize option ( you can find Monetize option in footer).
.  Click on get started and enable your Monetize option.
after that you can upload videos and earn with your videos.

How To Get More Views For Your Videos

Mostly people asking me how to get views for dailymotion videos?
so today i am going to tell you some help full tips , with these tips you can get views for your Dailymotion videos, you can also use these tips for your Youtube videos.

Use good looking cover image on your video.
 Share your video on social media site just like Facebook, Reddit , Stumbleupon.
join your niche related forums, if you are uploading Urdu talk shows , news in your channel then join Siasat Forum and you can post your embed code in post and you can get lots of views with this forum.
find some best your niche related forums , and start posting.